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About Sanctity

Sanctity is a guild created during MoP with a variation of players with a single purpose: Progression Raiding.

We are the core team of a previous guild migrating into our own environment to create something we like.

Our main priority is and will always be to have fun while doing so. We are all experienced and eager to raid! :)

During progression we raid Wed, Thur, Sun and Tue 7:30 pm to 22:00 pm EST. We will sometimes add extra raiding hours during the week new content is released, but we still raid fairly light hours compared to other competitive guilds, and we take pride in our rank considering this fact. Because of this we have extremely high standards, and our guild members are expected to maintain high attendance and play at a consistently high level. Intelligent and experienced raiders who can quickly grasp strategies and have a short learning curve on new content are especially valued as applicants. Fitting in with the social environment of the guild is also important, as above all this game is a hobby and we want to keep our raid environment enjoyable.

Current recruitment needs are displayed in the Application section of our website, but we are always interested in exceptional applicants. If you are a class that is listed as closed on our website, but feel that you can compete with our current members, feel free to submit an application and we will strongly consider it.

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Spirit Kings Heroic DOWN!

by makkanftw, 1621 days ago

Tonight we got Spirit Kings down on Heroic. Good job everyone involved! Happy



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Elegon Heroic

by makkanftw, 1631 days ago


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A late vid of Protectors

by makkanftw, 1636 days ago

Enjoy Happy

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